Welcome to Quoteablackgirl!

My freshman year of high school, during finals. I’m standing in front of a class of over fifty people, a group bigger than I have ever presented in front of before, presenting my project. At first, everything is going well. Out of nowhere, my anxiety begins to creep up on me and I blank out and forget my entire project. I spend a good two minutes staring at the class with wide eyes before the teacher reads my script to remind me of where I left off.


Hi, I’m Kamaria! Welcome to my blog and all the adventures it will bring! I’m a freshman in college from Ohio, and I plan on studying journalism and traveling around the world. Aside from writing, I love to sing, read, and bake. I’m also really into crafts and building things.


I decided to create a blog because I have a deep passion for writing, though I keep it concealed, and I wanted to share my writing with others. I find that writing helps keep my imagination alive and I find it calming. I hope through reading my blog you will find inspiration, laughter, and joy all around.


I tend to be a shy person but through blogging I want to be able to come out of my shell and learn to open up more, as I tend to be more of myself when I am writing. Aside from that, my goal with this blog is to share my internal thoughts and my experiences, to improve my writing skill, and hopefully meet new friends along the way. I usually keep my writings to myself and I am excited to go on the journey that this blog will take me on.


Thanks for taking the time to check out my blog, I hope you enjoyed this little piece about me! I plan to update my blog frequently, at the minimum once a week. I encourage any and all comments, and for this week’s blog, I would love to hear about an embarrassing moment you had! Till next time!





“Challenges make you discover things about yourself that you never really knew.”

–  Cicely Tyson